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Competitive Price Super Quality Microwave Drying Machine For Fruits And Vegetables

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Competitive Price Super Quality Microwave Drying Machine For Fruits And Vegetables Design

Commercial microwave vacuum cleaner dryer is a brand-new innovation that makes use of microwave drying out material at reduced temperature level, vacuum, and oxygen-barrier conditions, with a fast-drying, high effectiveness, and energy-efficient functions. Under adverse pressure, microwaves can dry products rapidly by reducing the boiling point of water.


Microwave Dryer Advantage

Product name

industrial microwave vacuum dryer

Easily control

Controlled by PLC programming

Environmental friendly

Microwave vacuum equipment do not produce "three wastes"

Improve final product quality and extend its shelf-life

gentle and uniform heat

Uniform heating

Uses microwaves that reach inside the food

Energy savings

Short processing time

Multi functional

It can dry, sterilize and heat

The belt is with clean materials

Match different foods requirement


The function is drying out, heating, food preparation, sanitation, unfreezing, dehydration, inactivation, and so on. PLC automobile or button control system, support information conserving, outputting, and also printing.Microwave power stepless adjustable, temperature level as well as moisture chain intelligent control. Speed can be adjusted. The machine dimension can be adjusted according to users' workshop location.


Offer totally free technological support whenever. We have a perfect after-sales solution system as well as a group with specialists for whole utilizing life. Training just how to install the device, teaching precisely how to use the machine. Invite the client concerned about our manufacturing facility.


Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment Reference Parameter

industrial microwave vacuum dryer








Rated Input Apparent Power


≤30 kw

≤40 kw

≤60 kw

≤120 kw

≤200 kw

Microwave Output Power

≥20 kw

≥30 kw

≥40 kw

≥50 kw

≥110 kw

≥180 kw

Work Process Temperature

70~200℃( Controllable)

Equipment Cooling Method

 Water cooling /Air cooling

Inlet And Outlet Height









Leader has passed the ISO9001 worldwide system qualification, the main products through the CE accreditation, with self-import and export legal rights. The firm can likewise design, personalize as well as mount jobs for clients on-site. Consumers lie around the country and export to the United States, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, India, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries.

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